Unibet Mobile App


In an era driven by technology, youngsters are perpetually glued to their mobile phones. Not just the young ones, but the older generation is getting there too in order to stay abreast with latest trends and to connect with their younger ones better. Whatever be the case, mobiles continue to rule the world and rule us! Thus, every company launches mobile apps to enable a great user experience and ensure loyalty towards the brand. Unibet has launched a number of mobile apps too. Unibet’s mobile apps are not confined to a particular device or a specific game alone. It offers a plethora of games and services to its varied users.

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About Unibet mobile app:

unibet-app-downloadUnibet encourages its users to play games instantly on its mobile site by downloading its famous mobile apps. Everything from sports betting and casinos to poker, bingo and other games are available at the mobile site. There are different apps for different games. The user gets to choose what he wants to download. All that one has to do is visit www.unibet.com on his or her mobile to download the apps and start playing! From spin city adventures and real life casinos to Poker, changing your avatar, playing Black Jack and way more than one can imagine is all resent at the Unibet mobile site and is literally a download away…

One too many:

Unibet mobile apps are categorized neatly offering both convenience and more options. Betting apps, Casino apps and Poker apps can be downloaded from the site. Some apps work better on certain mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 8 platform devices. A detailed description of each app is provided and the user can select the mobile app best suited for his device as per the narration.

Betting apps: These would include fast and secure mobile betting apps for sports specifically, coupled with in-match betting and sport-specific notifications. Its smooth features enable easy betting through mobiles, streaming of over ten thousand live sports events annually, in-play betting and more. It also covers the Football Stats Center, Unibet Sports TV Guide and Tennis live scores so that you do not miss out on any action!

Casino apps: This includes a list of a user’s favorite slots and table games. With great quality and interface, top games like Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000 etc. are easily accessible. It also includes poker app, live casino app and spin city. Placing bets from the mobile and living through real-time games was never easier. Earning tokens, winning with fixed deposits, real-life casino thrills etc. are just some of the numerous thrills one would experience here.

To ensure the safety and security of the device while downloading the apps, Unibet has designed its mobile apps with utmost care and functionality. It has encoded them such that no data can be stolen, intercepted or even transferred. One needs to be a Unibet user or registered member to be able to access the mobile site and start playing live!