Unibet Refer a Friend


Websites, agencies, service driven companies and practically everyone else targets new customers all the time. They implement various methods to attract potential users to try out their products and services. One such strategy commonly deployed by such agencies is the ‘refer a friend’ program. Unibet has something in these lines too. Unibet’s refer a friend essentially covers a bonus offer to the Unibet user getting a friend to join Unibet. Some benefit ought to apply, as one friend grows to another and the network gets larger gradually over a period of time.

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Unibet refer a friend deal:

unibet-refer-a-friendUnibet’s refer a friend offer is all about introducing a friend to Unibet and its offers. The user who refers a friend is entitled to cash reward with every friend he or she introduces to Unibet. Friends can be invited via emails. When they accept the invitation, registered with Unibet and played so as to reach the required bonus limits, you will get rewarded by Unibet. It works equally well for both parties. While you get your reward bonus for the invitation, the friend gets a welcome bonus for joining in and being a part of Unibet community. Rolling out invites is easy. The user just has to sign up to activate the ‘Unibet Refer a Friend Program’ and roll out invites via email. Once the friends meet their wagering requirements, the ball is in your court and the cash is yours!

The friend has to place bets or play games within Unibet to entitle the user to get his reward bonus. The bonus requirements for each event and game to reach the limit of reward entitlement can be looked up in the bonus section of the Unibet site. The progress can be tracked with Unibet on the ‘refer a friend’ page. This can happen only when the friend signs up through the email you sent him. On signing up directly or through someone else’s invitation, the progress on the ‘refer a friend’ section cannot be tracked. This way, both the parties get to know what’s needed of them to get their rewards.

Unibet Refer a friend – the deals:

Different types of deals are offered to a user for referring his friends. It depends on what he ios inviting his friends for. Referring a friend to get £ 20 as a cash reward is not an uncommon one. Inviting friends to try Unibet’s casino and other games could fetch the user £ 20 of pure cash. The deal doesn’t end here. The user can invite up to ten friends to Unibet to receive his cash per friend. Sometimes, it could be € 30 of pure cash for referring friends to casino and sports book games.

Some other offers include getting $100 cash reward for referring a friend. This works for sports and racing products. The limit here is of thirty friends. Thus, thirty references could fetch you a whopping $3000. Checking the terms and conditions helps. The friend gets a bonus of $ 300.