Unibet Best Odds Guaranteed


unibet-2Unibet has a wide range of user friendly features. It has guides and listings on its website to help a customer understand the happenings at Unibet better. Moreover, it talks of updates, revamp and other new versions in mobile and portable devices frequently. While keeping abreast with the latest trends of the ever changing technology, Unibet offers its customers so much more than just games and sports.

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About Unibet best odds guaranteed:

To understand about Unibet’s best odds guaranteed, it is imperative to understand what Unibet has to offer. It deals with sports as well as racing. Unibet customers can view and place live bets on horses and grey hounds as they race. When it comes to horse racing, a starting price is set at the beginning of the race. Different methods are used by different regions and countries to set these starting prices. The main intention of setting these fixed prices is to determine the returns on the winning bets, especially when fixed odds haven’t been taken into consideration at the time of striking the bet.

Points like fluctuation in the prices at race tracks are taken into consideration and then the starting price is decided, generally by a panel that is appointed to consider and analyse all the aspects and odds. Keeping the above points in mind, some agencies or bookmakers just like Unibet offer something called best odds guaranteed. This implies that when a punter takes fixed odds on racing when the bet is struck and if the starting price turns out to be higher or better and the punter wins, then the payout is calculated using the starting price itself with Unibet.

Best odds guaranteed – features:

Unibet does just that. It has the scheme of best odds guaranteed in relation to its starting price. The main aim of adopting this approach is to remove hesitation from the minds of the punters who feel they might be taking on to a relatively low price even before the race begins. In some regions the stake on a starting price bet in Unibet is returned in case the horse has been withdrawn before the race begins. This is generally available to existing customers or users of Unibet. Unibet’s best odds guaranteed are as simple as the user getting his money back if the horse loses a bet or is withdrawn prior to a race.
Unibet comes up with some pointers for its best odds guaranteed, ensuring they are guaranteed. Unibet thus enforces its customers to place a ‘win’ only bet with Unibet. Some other points that it emphasizes on is that in case the horse finishes its second by a head or even less, Unibet will give the user a cash refund of up to £ 50. However, the users are pursued to read and understand all the involved terms and conditions before getting deeply involved with the best odds guaranteed as the offer is generally valid only on the first bet placed, along with emphasis on certain days of the week; it may be applicable only to the first bet placed on races from Windsor specifically on Monday alone.