Unibet 500 Bonus

About Unibet 500 Bonus

unibet-500-bonusThe famous Unibet 500 bonus has kept Unibet users longing for more. It has bagged the interest of many new joiners and has always been a motivation and inspiration to its user base to stay put with Unibet. What caught the eyes of most betters and punters was the $500 sign up bonus that Unibet offered to certain people, like the segment of betters at Australia. This amount of $500 is so huge that it remains to be the talk to the town and a bonus amount that has by far been the biggest offer ever. By signing up on Unibet on following some simple steps, the value of 500 was the biggest free bet in the market that could be offered.

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Unibet 500 Bonus – the concept:

The concept behind Unibet 500 bonus is this. It generates new customers, retains the spark that Unibet is known for, leads to satisfied customers and offers your own first bet from your own account with a free bet that is of the same value. Thus, the total comes up to $500. Claiming the $500 is not a very big deal. One just has to sign up at Unibet to open their betting account. A deposit has to be done and the first bet is to be placed at Unibet account. The bet made will then be matched up by Unibet with a free bet that comes up to the same value, i.e. $500. That is all – the $500 were and are yours!

Unibet 500 Bonus – other games:

An interesting twist to the Unibet 500 Bonus is that it is not confined to signing up with Unibet and getting your first free bet. It also applies to a number of other games like poker. As a new poker player with Unibet, the user gets a welcome bonus of €500 as well as a €10 cash ticket to a game for players ranging from Belgium, Sweden, Norway and other places. Though the deposit bonus of €500 has some region restrictions and is bound by its own terms and conditions, it is released in increments and thus serves as an unrestricted amount to your Unibet account. Thus, Unibet 500 bonus is a boon to Unibet users and is an amount so huge that is placed by you in a bet and used by you, in your own way at your own account.