Unibet £20 Risk Free Bet


140x200Unibet is by far one of the most talked about bookmaking agencies online. Its apps, new versions, games and events are more than famous and known to all. It has a number of offers as a part of its promotions. Some new offer comes up at some time of the year. With these offers come great deals of bets and betting bonuses. Unibet has a  £20 risk free bet offer amongst many other offers that it keeps running. This offer is £ 20 centric and is also risk free. If a Unibet customer gets such a risk free betting chance, he is sure to consider himself lucky as there is hardly anything to lose.

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About Unibet £ 20 risk free bet:

It is a known fact that absolutely any and every offer is given to a Unibet customer only if he or she signs up and registers for Unibet. Being a Unibet account holder is a must! Upon registering with Unibet, the user gets a chance to bet risk free for up to £ 20. Depending on the region it is valid for; it may or may not be available to all. Generally it is the regions of Ireland and the United Kingdom that are covered under this.

The way this works is the user registers and deposits some basic amount with Unibet. He then gets to bet at least £ 10 and then keep all of his winnings. Alternately, he could get up to £20 of free bet refund upon losing. This free bet bonus is subjected to a wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is generally six times that of the free bet value.

Unibet £20 risk free bet and its features:

The £ 20 risk free bet is also given on registering and downloading some apps of Unibet, for example the Unibet app for android phones. Besides this, sometimes an additional offer of £ 10 risk free mobile bet is also given. Be it a mobile device or regular Unibet PC style, the fact remains that this £ 20 risk free bet proves to be advantageous to all the users irrespective.

Claiming the risk free bet is of course subjected to various terms and conditions. The basic one being that the user should be at least eighteen years and above of age. The bonus money can be withdrawn after completing some requirements. While the wagering requirements are six times that of the original value, the bet will only count towards total once the bet has been settled. After all, whether one wins or loses, every bet counts towards the total. The amount of £ 20 applies to the first bet only. Thus, it is just the first bet that is risk free unless subjected to some other ongoing offers and rules. Though the best is risk free, an initial deposit of a minimum value of £ 10 has to be made by each and every user in order to avail of the risk free bet.