Mobile Free Bet


unibet-mobile-free-betUnibet’s offers have been much talked about, especially free bets. With new ones springing up all the time, Unibet has to keep innovating and making things very convenient for its users. Therefore, time and again Unibet has been getting its offers and bets to mobile devices as well in the form of apps that can easily be downloaded at the click of a button. The free bet as famous as it is, is now available for the mobile devices as well. Users no longer need to compulsorily log in with their personal computers. Everything is just a click and tap away right at the palm of your hand.

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About Unibet’s mobile free bet:

The mobile free bet offer as the name suggests, is literally at your device to help you place bets from the convenience of your mobile. It has all the advantages that an otherwise regular free bet at Unibet would offer. The mobile free bet is a fun way of placing a bet over your mobile phone. With the risk of losing covered, Unibet offers the free bet on mobiles and has literally taken the mobile generation by storm. It’s all about placing a free bet without involving any risk of losing out money, especially on the first bet placed. How else would Unibet gain the attention of its users otherwise? Available at different starting denominations region-wise, they could range from € 10 to £ 10. In the case of € 10, the mobile free bet offered by Unibet is a risk free bet. It’s about starting the first bet at € 10 via the mobile device. If the user loses his or her first mobile bet, then Unibet refunds the stake along with a bonus of up to € 10 within the following day itself.

Mobile free bet – on the go:

The mobile free bet is both simple and savvy. Coupled with the best features and graphics, it runs on a very user friendly interface. In order to get the mobile free bet on the phone, the user just has to visit the Unibet site or head to his app store to download the Unibet Sports app free of cost. This app is available to all users including Android and iPhone users. It is the simplest and easiest way of getting a free bet on one’s mobile.

The benefits of getting the free bet on our mobile are plenty. Not only does one place bets on the go, but they are also free and most importantly risk free. They are available right at the app store and the sports app which most of them anyway have on their mobile, supports the mobile free bet. So those of you who haven’t placed a free bet on your mobiles yet, have a chance of placing your first free bet that is cent percent risk free up to € 10. The mobile free bet offer is available to both new as well as existing customers who haven’t yet placed any bet using their mobile phones.