Unibet Free Bet Terms and Conditions


Every company has set terms and conditions often serving as disclaimers. The company strictly adheres to its terms and conditions and expects the users and visitors to do so too. Any violation of any or all the terms could result in prosecution. The user or customer could be penalized as well, depending on the severity of the violation. Unibet too has its own set of pre-decided terms and conditions. The free bet section is subjected to a unique standard of Unibet’s terms and conditions as well. Everyone is expected to read all the terms carefully and abide by the conditions at all times.

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Unibet free bet – the terms and conditions:

unibet free betUnibet offers free bets on and off, depending on an ongoing promotion or new offer. These free bets are of different values, but a $30 free bet is the most common one. Thus, we will discuss with $30 free bet as the focal point.

The terms and conditions with respect to the $30 free bet offering is very similar to the standard set by other similar online firms and sites that roll out free bet offers to its users from time to time. All the standards set have been done so to protect Unibet from users who aim at using free bets provided by Unibet in frauds and other ways that may cause harm or damage to the company. This would definitely not mean that Unibet will in any way try and stop the user form claiming their free bet offer with Unibet.

Another important aspect to the free bet terms and conditions is that the maximum amount of free bet that Unibet can offer would be just $30. Thus, placing larger bets than the highest amount of $30 is pointless. At times when a higher bet than this amount is placed, one might get no free bet in this case and it could mean that the offer has been passed over for you. It is imperative for the user to check the sportsbook section carefully so that the user bets on the event which happens to be a part of the free bet offer.

An important highlight of Unibet free bet terms and conditions is that the user does not necessarily have to confine himself to just one bet with the newly received free bet offer. Instead, the user can spread it out over a number of events, thereby increasing his chances of winning. A point to be remembered here is that the bets placed will not have their stake returned along with them. This again is a standard for most of the bookmaking sites that offer similar free bet promos on and off.


Unibet has laid its rules of free bets in the form of its terms and conditions very clearly. The users are advised to visit the site and go through these terms and conditions carefully, point by point and very clearly. It is imperative to understand and abide by all of them at all times.