Unibet Sports TV Guide

Do you want to find out in time, which are matches broadcast live on TV? Now you can use Unibet Sports TV Guide that provides you information about odds on sports broadcasted on TV and on Unibet live streaming.

Unibet Sports TV Guide is the first mobile TV guide that offers you information about odds and sports that are broadcasted on TV as well as on Unibet live streaming. It is a very useful mobile app with a user-friendly design.

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Use the Unibet Sports TV Guide app and keep up with the newest sports events!

This app was developed for iPhone to promote the generous offer of Unibet in online live streaming sports, such as Serie A (Italy), Dutch competition or Jupiler League matches (Belgium).

For social media users Unibet Sports TV Guide offers the possibility to invite friends to watch a game just by sharing the events on Facebook and/or Twitter. Also, you can sent an SMS or email from the app. So, it is very easy!

What sports covers the Unibet Sports TV Guide?

Unibet Sports TV Guide covered in detail many sports, such as Basketball, Tennis, and football, soccer, American Football, Athletics, Ice Hockey, Bandy, Combat sports, cycling, Golf, Motorsport, Volleyball, rugby, wintersport and more.

With Unibet Sports TV Guide, you can be sure you will receive information about all the sports events on TV in nine markets such as Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Norway, UK, and Portugal.

You can easily download the app on your Android or iOS device in order to receive on your smartphone or tablet the odds on sports broadcasted on TV at a certain period.

Because it is a much-appreciated app, the Unibet Sports TV Guide has appeared in Top 100 Sports in 54 iPhone stores and 69 iPad stores. You can make yourself certain about its utility just by using it.