Unibet Horse Racing


Of free bets and sports events, Unibet offers an entire range of services to its customers. Important sports events are aired, live matches are streamed and a series of interesting games are available to all its users, as long as the users have a registered account and some amount of money in their account. Horse racing is an important event, considered a sport for the elite. However, Unibet has made horse racing easily accessible to all its customers. Unibet users can place bets on their favorite horses and grey hounds from the convenience of their homes.

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Unibet Horse racing – the know-hows:

unibet-horse-racingUnibet gets the racing club right to your mobile or desktop device. Following a race horse is as easy as it sounds. The world of racing and betting is a different ball game all together. An experience so alive and serene comes with convenience and ease too. Various features include betting on horses, streaming the race live, earning money for inviting friends to it and placing risk free bets too.

The horse racing events are brought to you by Unibet TV. In many of these horse racing events, live TV streaming is available to Unibet users. It’s as simple as placing a bet of merely € 1 to start watching the Unibet TV streams just before the race starts. Horse racing as well as Greyhound racing is available. To make the experience and celebration better, the first bet happens to be a risk free bet of up to € 5. Not just this much, but Unibet has something more for its customers. It automatically places each and every player in a draw, a random prize draw where one lucky winner wins a prize. Depending on the season of the year, he could win a trip to some place or prize reward.

Unibet Horse Racing – the guide:

Once the user logs in to the site and saves his or her username, he has to go to the ‘Unibet Racing Client’. Then, a bet of at least € 5 can be placed on the horse or grey hound. If the user loses the first racing bet, the amount gets refunded to a maximum amount of € 5 worth of free bonus money. The help guide is always available for any issues, questions or doubts about betting on horse racing.

A number of promotions keep running on horse racing, be it winning a reward prize, a bonus amount, a trip, cash prize etc. the users must read all the terms and conditions before opting to place bets on their horses. These events are screened on the Unibet site and can be seen at the sports book section. Any bets to be placed, can be done so with prior knowledge and referring to the schedule of events in the events calendar. The ongoing offers could apply to either single or multiple bets and sometimes pre-match bets. However, the bonus obtained out of it can be used for any medium – desktop or mobile.