Unibet Betting Rules


unibet-2Unibet has laid down certain rules at par with its terms and conditions. Different games and sports events of Unibet may be subjected to different sub sections of the rules, but general rules are more or less standardized and apply to all the categories. The same way betting rules apply to and everyone has to adhere to them irrespective of personal circumstances and situations. The customers of Unibet ought to know these rules and can have a detailed understanding by reading them on the Unibet website online. Furthermore, the help center has members composing the customer care team who are always ready to help and explain the sets of rules to the users of Unibet in case of any difficulty or query.

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The Unibet betting rules – know-how’s and content:

As discussed above, a number of rules are set as per a standard by Unibet, the general outline of these betting rules have been condensed in the paragraphs that follow. However, a detailed list of betting rules and rule sets is readily available on the Unibet site.
The general betting rules imply that all the bets are considered to be valid for result only at the end of the full time or regular time, unless stated otherwise in the bet offer or sports specific rules.

By regular time and full time, Unibet means the reference to the official rules that are published by the respective governing associations. As examples, one can take sports like football where the full time would mean ninety minutes inclusive of injury time while in ice hockey the full time stipulated would be three into twenty minute periods. Unibet’s betting rules also state that ‘should the governing association decide to stipulate, before the start of the event, that the said event is to be played over a different duration, this will be treated as being the official rules for the event’. It also clarifies that such an occurrence is only limited to the regular playing time and it does not include any prolonged time like over time or extra time, unless stated.

The other segment of betting rules that deals with live betting in Unibet states that “live betting is where it is possible to bet during an ongoing match or event”. Furthermore, Unibet clearly states that it does not take up any liability if a live bet placing is not possible or if the live score update is just not right or correct. It is thus the duty of the Unibet account holder to be aware of the matches being held as well as the events that surround it, which would include current score, progression, time remaining before completion of a match and the likes.

The Unibet betting rules include these and more. The above is just a broad perspective on the same. These are laid by the formal terms and conditions that constitute the complete, final and exclusive agreement between Unibet and the account holder, in compliance with the contractual relationship shared between them and the governing council.