Bet365 Handicap

bet365-handicap-betting-guideThe markets covered by Bet365 are quite extensive and the range of sports and international tournaments it covers is quite remarkable. It tries to capture all the major leagues coupled with lesser known leagues in order to widen their market base.

Bet365 handicap betting is one such trend in betting which requires skill and knowledge with a little bit of thought to spare. It can be tricky considering the process involved but once well versed with the entire process it can be used to the best of ability to garner winning bets.

Handicap betting can be found mainly in a horse racing event but you can come across the same while betting on rugby, tennis, basketball and football. Handicap betting before the actual event adds varied points to either one side or the other. Now this point is added in order to bring an underdog team and a favorite team on the same level trying to level the field amongst them.

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To elaborate Bet365 Handicap Betting in simple terms I would like to draw an example here.

If the bookmaker or the handicap adds 1 to the score of Spain here the team of Spain will be considered as an underdog since the team has been given a head start. The bet if placed on Spain can be own if the match is a draw or they win the match. If you place the bet on the opposite team in order to win they have to make one goal in order to overcome the -1 Handicap. This is how the entire handicap betting works.

Bet365 handicap has also another version of handicap betting as its prominent feature that is Asian handicap. In case of Asian Handicap the outcome of the match is never a draw. It is mostly applicable to football.

There are again varied options regarding the settlement of bets that Bet365 hosts. They can be enumerated as follows:

  • Handicap line 0 Ball

  • Handicap Line 0,0.5 Ball

  • Asian Corner Handicap

  • Asian Handicap In-Play

  • Asian Total Cards

  • Asian Total Corners

In order to mention few these are the few options that a user can wager on.

Here again the experts are available at your service providing an insight into the entire process. Bet365 website hosts useful information for users explaining in detail how every type of bet option functions along with simple examples. This enables user to understand the process and helps them make an informed decision.

If you are well versed with the entire process Bet365  would nudge you further to garner winning bets.