Bet365 Golf

bet365 golfBet365 is widely known for the exclusive services it provides for every sort of wagering on international sports. They have made remarkable efforts in providing n numbers of features and perks alike to attract a wide array of customers. They are also popularly known for how safe and reliable their payment channels are.

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As mentioned above about various wagering options for gamblers on international sports one such sport that is also quite popular in this arena is Golf. With the help of Bet365 Golf now golf enthusiasts have a wide ranging base of options and ways to wager on various tournaments of golf.

Apart from the traditional way of betting on various golf tournaments that is to-win money line bets Bet365 has varied sorts of bets to offer.

They have extensive ways to place bets on the ongoing Golf tournaments. As the website of the company is quite compact and comprehensive wagering on Golf becomes an easy and a simple affair. The various ways and tours one can place extensive bets on can be enumerated as follows:

  • Prop Bets

  • Top 5 Finishes

  • Top 20 Finishes

  • Bets on Golfer from a particular country who will be placed highest

  • To Win

  • Head to Head

  • Three Ball

  • Two Ball

  • 72 Hole Group

  • PGA Tour

  • LPGA

  • European Tour

  • Match Betting

There are various methods of payments that Bet365 hosts and supports. There is an extensive list of payment methods that one can choose from. The amount involved in the same can vary from $1 to maximum amount of around $ 1, 000.

The website hosts varied information regarding the upcoming tours. It has specialized stats packages for Golf highlighting the key players, their performances and so on and so forth. A user can use this statistical information provided by experts before making an informed decision. The rules and the range of betting options are extensive as mentioned above.

Handicap betting is also an option to choose from that has been offered to users. In order to determine the winner and to settle the bets one is required to deduct handicap from the total. The bet would be considered as void if the entire tournament is not completed. The winner would be the player whose score over 18 holes is the lowest of them all.

Apart from handicap betting Bet365 offers a wide range of services for golf fanatics and users who are looking forward to bet on the same.