Bet365 Withdrawal Rules

Bet365 Withdrawal RulesThere has always been a series of questions and clouds of doubts with confusion alike when it comes to Bet365 withdrawal rules. You have to know that the rules are quite compact and easy to understand. There are series of steps involved when it comes to withdrawal in Bet365 which are quite simple and comprehensive.

But before getting to the main context of withdrawal rules you need to have basic knowledge regarding the payment methods they accept because withdrawal would be allowed or done by following the same original method.

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There are varied ways through which one can fund his or her account. The extensive range of payment methods includes credit card and debit cards along with prepaid vouchers, e- wallet system and also bank transfers. For more detailed information and wide array of methods of payments you can visit their website.

Now, the process of withdrawal is uncomplicated. You need to first log in to your respective account and exercise the option Services located on the top right corner of the website which has a sub- option named Withdraw. The funds will be transferred by following the original method of deposit whenever possible.

Bet365 applies withdrawal fees only in case of banks that have charges in case of bank withdrawals. This withdrawal fees if applicable would be displayed on the withdrawal page for the user to review before making any kind of withdrawal. Apart from bank charges if any, Bet365 has no withdrawal fees as far as the payment method is supported. Hence getting yourself acquainted with varied methods of payment that are actually supported by the company is a must.

If the withdrawal isn’t possible by following the original method of deposit than bank transfer is used.

As mentioned about getting yourself acquainted with the various payment methods accepted is a plus point considering the fact that all the rules relating to withdrawals will be affected by the payment method to some extent. Here once the request for withdrawal is made the clearance time for the same would again depend on the payment method followed.

Due to various bank procedures involved it may take 2-5 working days for clearance if the method followed is debit or credit card. On the other hand it may take 24 hours if withdrawal is made through Skrill. Bet365 website hosts a compact list of payment methods along with the time period it takes for clearance.

If you face any kind of hiccups while withdrawing make sure to ensure your account is verified. Also the expiry of the payment method will affect your capacity to withdraw. If you still face any kind of problems you can contact them for solving the issue at hand.