William Hill Tips and Picks

William Hill TipsHowever, no one said it would be easy keeping up with all the news that is needed to make reliable bets and trust your own instincts. William Hill Online and their affiliates are genuinely committed to keeping their customers happy, and making responsible gambling the norm. So they have put forward several facilities to serve their customers’ needs. Information is available in a variety of ways on William Hill Tips.

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William Hill Tips – Advice on Tips

They have William Hill Radio, dedicated to bringing information on live streams, commentaries, tips and other news to their user base. They also have a ‘Tip Advisor’ portion of their community where people can give advice and point out possible winners. Gamesters who tip correctly get virtual trophies and a ‘Tip Advisor’ icon that lets other players know who have previously tipped well.

William Hill tips are basically for and by the community rather than any ‘experts’, but the reputation is built on whether or not they tip properly. Like other social media, William Hill tips community allows people to follow each other and wit along with skill at their chosen games can lead people to great popularity in the community.

Become a Tip Advisor

William Hill tips work very simply. Customers will express their views about likely wins and losses, and everyone else can see and decide whether their advice is good. If it turns out that they predicted correctly, they get more followers, if they are very good advisors, they become Tip Advisors. The tips page has columns showing the most followed tipsters, with the number of bets they have correctly predicted. It also has a ‘Top Tipped Selection’ column showing the recent top tips.

The tips page is an excellent resource for people who are willing to take the time to sift through the advice and figure out who advises well in their sports or categories and who may have just gotten lucky. While the William Hill Radio is an excellent resource, it is merely one resource and having other opinions can be useful.

Equally, if a customer is an expert in their own game or sports they can test their skill. Put it to the test by putting the predictions out there and see how many trophies and followers you get! Gambling tends to be a solitary pursuit, but the William Hill tips page is an excellent way for the community to really get to know each other.