William Hill X-Factor

William Hill X-FactorWilliam Hill is one of the well-known and most frequented betting sites which allow you to place bets on many things including William Hill X-Factor, the hit reality talent show. The way it facilitates is so efficient and gradual that you will be surprised by the convenience that you experience.

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William Hill X-Factor A Step By Step Guide

Let us break down the entire process entire a few easy steps.

  • First you are required to go to the homepage of William Hill.
  • Create your profile. This is your unique account that no one can access other than you.
  • Once you create your account, you are given the chance to place one free bet worth 25 Euros.
  • Then directly you can go to TV Specials section of the page.
  • In the page that you will be directed to, among the many shows listed, you will find X-Factor.

William Hill X-Factor Proceeding Further

Now that you are in William Hill X-Factor page, you will again be given with many details. For instance, around this time, UK’s X-Factor is on air. So, let us say the next show is scheduled to air at 5th December, 2015. First you can choose your payment format, which are namely- Fractional, Decimal and American. There can be at least seven categories on which you can place your bet. Keeping the last aired show in mind, these would include:

  • The X Factor 2015 – Top Girl
  • The X Factor 2015 – Outright
  • The X Factor 2015 – Top 3 Finish
  • The X Factor 2015 – Outright without Louisa Johnson
  • The X Factor 2015 – Winning Manager
  • The X Factor 2015 – 10th Elimination
  • The X Factor 2015 – Louisa Johnson vs. The Field

Also, you will be given data about the current trends of bets being placed on these categories.

Taking an Example

To get a better picture, we choose one of the categories, say X-Factor 2015- Outright. William Hill X-Factor will direct the browser to another page where we have the name of the contestants along with their odds next to them. By default, they are ordered by price. All that is left is to take a pick and place your bet. There will also be a time limit set, naturally, which will be the time until the next show, which incidentally happens to be the fifth day of December.

These steps are much easier to carry out than to read. If you still have trouble believing me, visit William Hill X-Factor for yourself, and see the truth of these words before your very eyes.