William Hill Tote Explained

William Hill ToteWilliam Hill Online is a premier gambling site, dedicated to supporting responsible gambling. It has US and Australian branches as well. Since 2009, they offer tote betting (as opposed to fixed odds betting) as part of their range of services. They are an agent for the William Hill Tote in the UK, allowing customers to accept tote bets on horse racing in Great Britain and some places in the Republic of Ireland and a few other places.

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What is William Hill Tote Betting?

Parimutuel betting, more commonly known as tote betting, is a system in which the bookmaker will display the odds to date to the customers. These odds will change according to how much money is placed on each outcome, and thus, the actual odds are not known until betting is closed. The house’s portion is removed, and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool of money with all the winning bets.

This is unlike in fixed odds betting where each customer knows what their odds are when placing the bet.

William Hill tote betting offers a wide range of tote products. From the simplest of the tote services like the Tote Win where the customer merely bets on any horse from one of the selected races to win; to the complex and thought provoking Tote Placepot, where the customer must choose a placed horse in all of the six races to win.

Other tote services include

  • Scoop 6: 6 races televised on Saturdays where customers need to bet on the horses. In cases where there is no winner, the fund may continue until the next Saturday. An exciting chance for any true gamer.
  • Place: Depending on the number of horses in the race, a ‘place’ might be anything up to even fourth place. There must be a minimum of five horses running in the race to make this service available. The customer will choose horses that might place instead of betting only on first place.

  • Jackpot: A fiendishly difficult game that is available six days of the week. The winner must pick the winning horse for each of the first six races on the selected day.
  • Exacta: The customer can bet on the first and second place. They may select horses specifically for each place or select two horses, either of whom might get either first or second place.

  • Swinger: A South African style of the bet, it is similar to the exacta. Two horses are selected to place first, second or third in any order. It is relatively easier to win than the exacta.

Come place your bets!

Tote betting takes a lot of thought, but it is a truly exciting way of betting. William Hill tote betting services are first-class. The customer’s money is always safe. Betting on horse racing has enough uncertainty to be extremely exciting.