William Hill Oscars Option

William Hill OscarsOne of the reasons William Hill is such a popular gambling site is because it offers so much more to its customers. It has all the conventional gambling opportunities like Las Vegas Casinos where you can play roulette or blackjack. Along with this, however, it offers exotic opportunities for customers with different interests like William Hill Oscars.

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Amongst the things you can bet on at William Hill are:

Financial markets: for the financially savvy, who follow the economics pages and have a shrewd head for numbers, this can be a fun way to pass the time

E-sports: bet on the stunning multiplayer, massively international games going on online like the ever-popular Counter-Strike or the up-and-coming League of Legends.

TV specials: where customers who are fans of tv shows (especially reality shows) can bet on their favourite contestants to win or who the most popular contestant might be. This is unsurprisingly, a hit idea with lots of takers.

William Hill Oscars

The William Hill Oscars competition is a fun time for fans of award shows and fans of movies. Customers who are confident that they can judge not only the quality of the movies but also what appeals to the judges can try their luck in the various categories.

Can you guess what will win the Best Picture? There are over thirty movies to choose from, and it is not all that certain what the judges will love. Everything from ‘The Danish Girl’ to the least favorite ‘Straight Outta Compton’ is present.

Other categories up for betting include Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Best Director. These are some of the categories that most of the world, which are not film buffs, eagerly awaits.

The best thing about the TV Specials voting is how it shows that William Hill is really paying attention to the customers and what they are likely to want. Along with the William Hill Oscars, you can also bet on top Christmas song or top video game of the year. A wide range of interests are represented by them in their offers.

Just Go For It!

Along with horse racing, football and other conventional gambling markets, William Hill Online is offering customers this rare chance of betting on another common pastime, watching reality TV. While the Oscars do not quite come under this category, there is no saying the drama that it undoubtedly creates every year.

Whether or not you believe the Oscars have anything to do with merit, they cannot be ignored! Now if you are a self-proclaimed movie buff, you can put your money where your mouth is by taking part in the William Hill Oscars betting.