William Hill Insurebet

William Hill InsurebetJust another example of how William Hill likes to take care of their clients is their insurance scheme for bets. William Hill  Insurebet is one of the premier gambling sites operating today, and it is completely dedicated to responsible gambling. Not only does it state its dedication, it actively pursues policies that concur with this stance.

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Amongst its many wide categories where customers can gamble and bet, football is an extremely popular option. Football championships attract a lot of customers who are wild about it.

William Hill  Insurebet – The Scheme

William Hill Insurebet applies to a set of matches where a customer plays bets on football matches with a ‘first goalscorer.’ If the bet is lost but the player scores within the first ninety minutes, William Hill will refund the stake, counting it a ‘free bet.’

There are obviously a lot of rules towards this insurance, some obvious, a few not. Most of the rules that count for normal bets also count for this. There is actually more than one type of Insurebet:

  • Insurebet First
  • Insurebet 2 or more: Betting on players to score (you guessed it) two or more goals within the match
  • Insurebet Hat Trick: This is quite rare, where a player will score three goals within the match, and so the payout when it happens is large.

These bets are very easy to place and insure. William Hill Insurebet needs to be placed online or on their mobile site or by their app. Not all tournaments or games will be covered by this. The upcoming FA Cup is. In close games, it can be extremely exciting to see which side first scores and which side ends up winning.

The Insurebet offers customers who respect their team but want to hedge their bets a chance to get some extra insurance. The Insurebet 2 or more and the hat trick instead offers customers the chance to go a little wild on their betting.

Why You Should Go For It

The bigger question is, why would you not go for it? There are a lot of reasons customers might be impressed by the Insurebet. It is a form of betting that a lot of football gambling bookmakers go for, and it is very popular with customers who feel that their team can obviously get the first goal, or that their favorite player can.

Like Match Betting, this can also be an exciting way to bet one’s money. Not only does it offer a form of insurance, one can bet on players rather than just teams.