William Hill FA Cup

William Hill FA CupWilliam Hill’s opportunities for its clients include betting on the FA Cup. The FA Cup or the Football Association Challenge Cup (also sometimes known as the Emirates FA Cup) is an annual competition in English football. It is a knockout challenge that is eagerly anticipated by Football fans all year.

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There are a bunch of teams who can compete since all entrants to the FA National League System, the Premier League and the Football League can compete. The potential for upsets is excessive since teams of all tiers are competing and it is a knockout form of competition.

William Hill FA Cup – The Betting

The bets for the William Hill FA Cup are primarily choices in each match about which team will win or whether there will be a draw between the teams. Sometimes the choices are easy, and sometimes they turn out to be exceedingly difficult, especially during the later games.

Along with these bets, there are games set up by William Hill to make the time before the matches exciting and keep their customers on their toes. They have a ‘Spot the FA Cup’ competition where they have an FA Cup hidden in their ads and customers who can spot it have the chance to win a free bet!

Apart from the match betting, there is also an ongoing bet (until the end of the game) about which team will turn out to be the winner of the Cup. This grabs a lot of attention, and the odds can sometimes be very close.

Some of the odds right now are:

  • Eastleigh: 3000/1. Yes, you read right, that is three zeroes!

  • Chelsea: 6/1, with these odds, it is clear who the favourite is.

  • Arsenal: 7/1 but Arsenal is not far behind.

The latter two are obviously far closer, and we can expect their matches to have very close odds as well.

Football matches can be extremely exciting, with last-minute goals suddenly deciding the results of the match. This is one reason why Football matches are so attractive to gamblers. The sheer spectacle of the game is extremely enjoyable as well. Customers can watch on ITV, which William Hill partly sponsors.

Come Watch on William Hill

Watch the fantastic and exciting FA Cups while placing bets on William Hill Online. With William Hill placing bets is easy and very safe. With their dedication to taking care of their customers’ every need, this is the place to be for gamblers and football lovers both.