William Hill Special Features

William Hill Special FeaturesCheck out William Hill Online’s Specials! There is some of the most amazing array of betting offers at William Hill. This is the chance to watch your favourite shows and get paid for it! Just show off how well you’re following the contests, and how well you know the game. William Hill Specials are betting on TV and other specials events like reality shows.

Types of Specials

They have special offers on all sorts of things. For the specialist better who can’t quite let go of their passion for Football or Horse Racing they have specials events for Euro 2016 or the Top Jockey (2016 UK Flat Jockey Competition) competition respectively. The Euro 2016 competition has bets, for example, on who England will draw from Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or Wales. There are similar bets for Wales and the other two countries as well.

There are various types of bets to be placed on the general TV specials contests. A lot of the betting depends on what the customer decides to bet on. Bets are subject to the general betting rules that apply to the rest of William Hill’s bets.

  • Christmas No. 1: Bet on what will be the number one radio song for Christmas. The bet is settled on the basis of what the last Radio 1 pop chart says on or before the twenty-fifth of December.

  • EUROVISION: Bets can be placed in various categories. Have fun selecting the winner, the final positions of various countries, the semi-finalists and other exciting categories.
  • Other Christmas bets: Bet on the top video game, books, top TV program and so on.
  • Star Wars: Now you can bet on how much the latest in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will gross at the box office. Will it gross higher than Avatar? Will it win the Worst Picture Award at the Razzie Awards? Take a bet.

The reality shows are an exciting portion of their specials events that attract a lot of customers. Customers can bet on a number of shows in various categories.

  1. The X-Factor: Bet on the outright winner, the winning manager, best female performer. If you are looking for a bit of a challenge, try the favorite vs. the field bet.
  2. I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!: Bet on the winner, or the gender of the winner or the queen of the jungle.
  3. Weather: If that’s what floats your boat, then William Hill Specials has it for you. Bet on whether 2015 will be the coldest UK December on record, amongst other things.

The specials market at William Hill has something for everyone, with little gems like the weather specials because they really just want all their customers to have as much fun as possible.

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