William Hill Rules for Bettors

William Hill RulesThe William Hill rules governing betting cover all transactions. They are the terms and conditions that regulate betting under all circumstances. In a nutshell, all bets are accepted at this online site under the regulation of these William Hill rules.

Scope of the William Hill Rules

The rules cover events and races, types of available bets and maximum winnings on which bets are accepted. The William Hill rules also cover details regarding the settlement of bets if an error is made by a player or the company’s staff when processing quoting prices or bets. It is, therefore, important that a player familiarizes himself with these rules. Changes to these rules are often communicated to players through personal email addresses. However, it is also your personal responsibility to know the latest edition of these rules by visiting the company’s website.

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Events That Are Covered By These Rules

  1. Sports Betting/Events Betting

William Hill rules accepts bets for all special events and sporting events whose acceptance is advertised. Examples of such include Cricket, Golf, Football and many more others. If the special rules don’t apply to any other eventuality, check with the general terms of internet betting rules at the site.

  1. Horse Racing

All horse races held under the rules of the Irish Turf, UK Jockey Club and other international bodies that are equivalent to the above are covered by these William Hill rules. In other words, all bets accepted so long as the horse races are conducted by the above-named bodies and or any other of their equivalence.

  1. Greyhound Racing

There are selected races in Ireland and Great Britain on which bets are accepted. Such bets are also settled on the official result.

Currency Options

You are not limited by choice when it comes to currency options covered by the William Hill rules. Choose what is convenient to your needs so that you can peacefully manage your account. Below are some of the currencies options from which you can choose:

  • The Dollar (Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar and US Dollar).

  • The Pounds Sterling GBP

  • Danish Krone

  • Swiss Franc

  • Japanese Yen

  • Swedish Krona

  • Euro

Remember that all deposits and withdrawals must be made using the selected currency.

If you wish to change your currency, contact the customer service with your details. In the case where there is an outstanding balance on your account, after all the bets have been settled and resolved, the same will be returned to you using the payment method you selected. Also, you are mandated to deposit to your account through the payment method of your choice before it is made fully operational.

Maximum Winnings

All betting slips are accepted on the basis of individual customers; i.e., one customer, one betting slip. Below are the maximum amounts that a player can win in a single day’s betting, irrespective of the stake. Even if the levels of potential winnings go far beyond these amounts or the bets have been placed through more than one channel of the betting, these maximums remain applicable throughout.

If a player placed bets on different days, the maximum amount is only won in one day’s betting, depending on which day the bet of each event or final race is resolved; instead of the date on which a particular was placed.

In the event that a number of bets having the same selections are placed in one or more of the company’s branches, the company will believe that they originated from a single customer or syndicate/group of customers acting collectively. The company, therefore, reserves the right to edge the total payment of all the bets combined to one maximum payout governed by these rules.

Horse Racing in Ireland and Great Britain – £500,000

Horse Racing in South Africa – £250,000

Horse Racing (All other Countries) – £100,000

B.E.G.S /B.A.G.S. Meetings – £500,000

Greyhound Placer – £50,000