William Hill My Choices for Employees

William Hill My ChoicesWilliam Hill is a betting company well established in the sports betting section. It delivers a great betting experience for all its customers, new or old and makes sure their customer satisfaction is achieved. William Hill also makes sure that its employees are well cared for and for that they have made William Hill My Choices.

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What is William Hill?

William Hill is a United Kingdom based company that has expanded into other countries including the United States of America. What started out as a sport betting center grew into an empire that caters to every kind of online gambling and now hosts a bunch of online games including

  • Sports betting
  • Online Casino
  • Bingo
  • Slots
  • Scratch

The company now also has its own Android application because of collaboration with PlayTech, a software and application development company. The app hosts similar features as the website and can also be used to live stream events for better gambling experience and better amenities for players.

But along with such essential amenities, the company did not forget the backbone of its growth and that is its employees. William Hill My Choices is the result of such an idea that caters only to William Hill employees and no other customer. The webpage can only be accessed only if you are logged in and authenticated as one of the employees of the company.

What is William Hill My Choices?

William Hill My Choices is a separate section for the workforce of the company. Solely designed to be accessed and utilized by the employees, this page hosts a gamete of features and exclusives for the staff. There are different categories of benefits from health to travel benefits.

The staff can access to various health benefits provided by the company including life insurance, critical illness cover and so on. The company also provides post humus cover and services. Retirement plans are also given to the employees like Corporate ISA and stock options for retirement.

The company also covers up various other benefits like maternity and paternity leaves for parents, volunteer time off for social services and day to day perks like gym membership plans, company car and so on. Lastly, the company also intends to make sure that the employees grow professionally as well as personally. To ensure this, they give out corporate trainings, apprenticeship programs to their staff members.

Staffs and employees are also subject to offers and discounts of a variety of brands and offices. These discounts are only for the employees in the form of coupons and discount codes and can include the families of the employee.

The main goal of the company is to make sure that the employees do not lack the fun and enjoyment that the company is catering to so many of its customers. Not only does the company look for customer satisfaction, but it also looks for employee satisfaction.

William Hill My Choices is not the first step into that direction, and all the employees can view what benefits are available to them by just logging in the company web page of corporate perks.